College Program

Our program focuses on educating, guiding, and assisting our players and families through the college transition process. We will educate and inform on what constitutes the best route to college, and what is necessary to accomplish our goal of getting all of our players to play at the collegiate level. We will guide and assist our players through every step of the way as they move on from high-school to college.



Sam grew up in Tracy, California, and played competitive soccer in the Bay Area her entire childhood. She has joined Juventus as a coach after graduating from Stanford University, where she played with the women’s team for four years. Playing forward for her whole career, Sam took part in a number of big wins for the women’s team, including two NCAA championships and four PAC-12 championships. Sam is well-acquainted with the ins-and-outs of playing forward, but recognizes the value of a cohesive team and understands how the moving parts build the foundation for success. Sam strives to be a positive role model and resource for players at Juventus Academy, and she hopes they will turn to her for any guidance on and off the field. Experiencing the positive effects of youth camps herself, Sam knows how soccer can change a child’s life and relationships. With an earnest love for the sport, she shows commitment to helping our players shine.


The success of our program

We created our College Program with one very simple goal in mind: to help all our players achieve collegiate placement. As former collegiate athletes, we are aware of the process involved in selecting the appropriate college. We are aware that this process involves an academic and an athletic component. Finally, we know that this process does not start on senior year of high-school, rather it is a 4 year journey starting as a freshman.